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What sets us apart from traditional banks and lenders?

Stop overpaying for your home loan!

Did you know that the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau says that 75% of homeowners would get a better deal on their home loan if they would simply take the time to get a second quote? The overwhelming majority of our business comes from doing just that. Giving homeowners a second opinion (from the top lenders) on what their home mortgage should actually look like, and often times the difference in savings is shocking (we literally hear this from our clients on a daily basis).

We make lenders compete to get you the best rate!

Our company exists to represent you, our client. We actively seek out the lowest rates and fees available in the market by shopping and comparing the nation's top mortgage lenders using the best technology available in today's market. This gives us the ability to find a much better deal than you are likely to find on your own. On top of this, our experience level is second to none. Our licensed mortgage consultants have an average of over 16 years of experience in the mortgage industry, and we put that experience to work to help you save your hard earned money!

Lower Rates and Fees!

The difference in rates and fees from lender to lender would be borderline unbelievable to the average consumer if they only dug a bit deeper behind the scenes like we have. We are here to close that gap for you and only send you to the lenders who are giving you a truly great deal, as well as an excellent loan experience. Conversely, banks and correspondent lenders operate from one rate sheet that doesn't give you any options! How can that ever be the best option for you? To put it simply, more options from our top lenders gets you a better rate and a better experience!

Wholesale Versus Retail

People often ask us, why not just go directly to these lenders? Why shop with us instead of just calling Rocket Pro and Loan Depot directly? The answer is simple... Wholesale vs Retail. When you buy a car, you pay retail. The dealership that you bought it from went to an auction and paid wholesale. WE ARE WHOLESALE and we pass that on to you as our client. Simply put, we have lower margins which gets you a better rate, and keeps dollars in your pocket (usually a lot of dollars in your pocket). For example, we have people that we quote every day through Rocket Pro Wholesale, and they are blown away when they see the quote was so much better than what they were quoted by Rocket Pro Retail. It's a reality. Reach out to us and see for yourself.

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